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I’m still cleaning my room. It looks like a mess. I have thousands of things on my bed and thousands of other things on the floor. I can’t believe it’s so hot outside. I really don’t want to go out. I just want to stay home with my fan… 

Today I decided also to get rid of a couple of things that I don’t want to keep. Like all those movies and cds I bought one day but I don’t want them anymore. Posters and small cuttlers that form part of my past but today I want to …. not bury, maybe put aside. I realised how much money I spent on comicbooks. I was such a comic freak. I have so many. I really don’t want to think how much money and time I spend on them. But I decided to make a quick calculation of how much money I spent…. I have in total 74

 comicbooks more or less ( i probably miscounted something).

 Each of them cost around 8€. So I almost spent 600 EUROS! …. Oh wow. Sometimes I think I’m embarrased of things I did, but I really don’t. I guess everyone did different things. I invested quite a lot of money on comics because at that ti

me I really enjoyed them, but I actually don’t feel anything especial about them. I have to say  they influenced

 my drawing style of course. I actually still like manga style stuff, but I like other styles too. Yesterday I went to Norma Comics, which is a comic store, and I found a Spanish illustrator called Fernando Vicente whose style I quite like. I also really like Gorillaz-ish style.




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I want a new pair of glasses in my life. like these ones.


I love thick square framed glasses. They look pretty good on me. I mean I’ve been wearing black framed glasses ever! Actually I’ve had 3 pairs of glasses. The first ones were blue, but the rest of them were black…I was actually considering to start using contact lenses and then only use glasses at night. But I think I look better with glasses. the only problem is that I’ve start to have a mark  on my nose and my eyes look kind of deepened…

Ego Ego et Ego

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I arrived home this morning. Everything looks the same as when I left. Nothing has changed. Same places same people. 

The only fun thing I did was clearing my room (still in progress actually) and I’ve found my old clothes…. hahaha I had so much fun trying them again and taking some pictures like those above.


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Finalmente estoy en España!

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My flight got delay… but unexpectedly British Airways called me 12 hours before to announce it. I am quite happy to have chosen British Airways to fly back, they seem pretty efficient and i like that. I am still in airport of Hong Kong… I got here by 10 am and my flight is at 12.30 am… I thought of going to Central for a while, but I needed to leave my bags which costs 180 HKD… So its 2.58 pm and I am still waiting. I think in 6 hours i can check my luggage…

I am starting to dislike this airport. In general i like airports because there is a lot of international people, especially in Hong Kong… but this aiport bores me already. I have nothing to do. I can only observe people’s behaviours, how they look at you and how they look at each other. Well I guess I like  the safety of this place. I left my bag for half an hour while I was eating ramen and nothing happened. its great to leave something without being worried about it. But thats hong kong in general i suppose.

My hair looks pretty bad now. It looks quite messy and long. It looked much better when I had just cut it. I put on weight during my trip in Philippines… I guess it was almost unavoidable… The worst thing is that now i have hug pimples in my forehead. They are red and ugly. I so want to get rid of them…

My mind is sleepy but I still stay active. I have read 64 pages of  “Savage Grace”. I played a couple of games of Age of Empires III. I seriously dont know what to do. Maybe I should talk to somebody randomly. Like sitting with somebody and stare at him and say: “hey, im yuan. do yo wanna talk?”. No, thatd be too neurotic and id look like a psycho.

Yesterday I watched Juno again with Julliane. It was my third time, but I didn’t mind to watch it again. I realised Bleeker has a hamburger phone too and that the lobby of Vanessa and Mark’s house doesn’t match with the rest…. Anyways.

I need to do some sports in summer and finish my work. Yeah.

My sister bought airplane tickets for Ibiza… Ah! I feel so guilty. I really want to go but i’ve been travelling around already for 20 days. I thought going back would be like “finishing” my work in 2 weeks time…  I don’t know what im going to do… Ibiza seems that like disco island. We’ll probably have fun.

Coldplay is coming to Barcelona tomorrow! I’m excited but the bad thing there aren’t tickets…  I took part in the competition in the official website to get tickets… but i haven’t received any emails.. I hope i can sneak in. I’ll see Leeyan and her sister in Barcelona. Tomorrow is her birthday!!!

I think I’m going to stop writing. I’m feeling tired.

things i need to fix

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1. my camera canon powershot g9

2. the x-key of my macbook pro.

Going to the same place

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My trip in Philippines is becoming such a… unforgettable time. It happens something everyday, just like a box of surprises…
Yesterday Julliane’s dad, Dr. Julli Sy or Tito Julli for us, took us to CWC, a Watersports centre pretty far from Legazpi where you can wakeboard. Everything was going fine. Inside the car I was kind of freezing due to the aircon, but I rather prefered freezing than feeling hot. So everyone was half asleep in the typical uncomfortable positions when you are trying to sleep in a car. Suddenly I woke up. The car had stopped and I turned my face to the left and I saw a car that had crash against a tree. It didn’t seem Ok, in fact it looked quite serious. Dr. Julli got off the car and went to offer help. I didn’t know the gravity of the situation until Dr. Julli asked me if I wanted to help out. I doubted to take my camera or not, in the end I desisted since it wouldn’t be appropiate.
The car was surrounded by approximately fifteen people, maybe more. Many weren’t doing anything just looking like vultures looking for food. Inside the car, there was a woman screaming and trying to move the body of the injured 11-year-old boy. It was chaotic and I couldn’t help because I didn’t speak Tagalog. I wanted to tell them to leave if they weren’t doing anything but seriously a foreign kid telling local people what to do.. I don’t know. I helped to open the doors of the truck and I stayed in the truck with the boy, his brother, and two other people that I didn’t know. Dr. Julli told me to push the right feet of the boy, probably because he had a bone fracture. I kept pulling. The road seemed long and desesperate. The car was driving as fast as it could. The old woman that was in the car too was talking without control for instances. She was describing the accident, trying to call by cellphone. She was getting me the nerves. The older brother seemed ok, but sometimes he screamed and it seemed quite serious.
After an endless drive, the car arrived to the Hospital of Naga. At first sight it seemed completely old, dirty and ineffient. There was not even a proper CPR. The patients had to wait for a long while. They weren’t curing the superficial wounds that they had in the face even if there were nurses not doing anything revelant. In the end they took them somewhere I don’t know, probably to the OR, I hope so.
After leaving the hospital I was told that the driver died. Apparently they were going to the same place as we were going. I was frightened by this idea. How random is life and as Evelyn told me everyday is a gift.

Weird Filipino Graduation Party

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So yesterday Julliane’s mum invited us to go to a party in the beach. The idea sounded great. You know, when you have the words party and beach together it means guaranteed fun. However my expectations were quite high, I expected those very fancy private parties in the beaches with cocktails, people wearing formal clothes, huge yellow candles and stuff like that. But I forgot I’m actually in the middle of nowhere! I’m in Legazpi city, famous for Mayon Volcano, the most active in the whole country of Philippines.

Evelyn and I were driven by car. We had to go through an area that was considered nobody’s place since after a big incident (don’t remember if it was a flood or a typhoon, or both) many people were found dead and some started to see ghosts… It was quite creepy in fact. There were no lights or clear road…

Anyways so we arrived to the “resort” which was quite nice actually. it had even a swimming pool. The first thing they did was offering us food (this party was right after i had dinner…). I ate a little bit as a politeness sign and then… Tita Ofel (Julliane’s mum) told me to be chairmen for the Singing Contest. I agreed. I thought it’d be very interesting to be judge, but when the contest started I was told that I WAS THE ONLY ONE. I got scared. Too much pressure. I mentally started to freak out. In the end, Evelyn, Julliane and Tita Ofel were part of the judge, but in the end of the performances I had to go in front of everyone and tell the results. That wasn’t the most embarrasing thing but how Tita Ofel had introduced us as “International Chairmen, representatives from United World Colleges”…. I completely freaked out. She is too much. Seriously I really admire her, she is those kind of people who not long exist, i guess she has superpowers, anyways, that was too much…. too embarrasing, i never asked to be the centre of the attention. I guess in end i don’t regret the experience…

In the way back talking to Julliane, I realised that all these Nursery students are probably going to leave the country… Sweet ending for a bitter start…

Meowing in the Philippines

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I’ve been 4 days outside Hong Kong, outside LPC. I think I’m feeling ok but it is probably because im still with some LPCers surrounding me (Julliane, Dominika and Evelyn).

My starting point was Manila where i stayed about 4 nights. It has been quite intensive. The first 2 days were kind of recovering from the sleep dept in LPC so we basically ate and slept. Then Julliane’s mum, Tita Ofel, took us to a couple of tours. The first one was in Binondo in other words, China town. Very interesting, although id call the tour “EAT CHINESE FOOD UNTIL YOU EXPLODE TOUR!”. The tour was a walk through all the worth-to-see places in Binondo. As we walked the guide, Mandi Ivan (i think), explained the history of the place. I would like to list all the food i ate: 16th century chocolate (really heavy and sour), fujian rice (dont remember exactly the name) and fishball soup, north china dim sums, chadang 茶荡,  haobao (it was 绿豆包 but there were ube-flavoured ones) shabao 沙包(like steamed rou bao), youtiao 油条(those fried sticks) , lupian (like spring rolls but not fried). I SWEAR IF I HAVE EATEN ANYTHING ELSE I WOULD THROW UP.

The next day we woke up early to make the tour in the CCP that explained the creepy history of Emelda. Then in the evening we went to Intramuros and visited the Saint Agustin Church, the only building remaining after the bomb thrown after World War II.

Everyone has a bad image of Manila but after knowing the history behind and the destruction provoked by the WWII I regret not have seen the multicultural Manila before.

Things that im learning from Filipino culture: 1) They eat a lot, they eat everywhere and everything, although nowdays the gastronomy is really varied due to the collonialistic era. 2) They dont walk at all. I cant believe that we took a car yesterday to drive for 2 minutes… what would have taken maybe max 10 minutes. Crazy! I don’t know but i wonder how much is the rate of obesity and cardio problems. 3) they are usually really kind and white-race-idolizer. I guess like any other Asian country. Hmm.. Leftovers from the collonialism.

I’m having a good time here, but i think ive lost the sense of time.

Maybe because it is so hot that i feel sleepy all the time.

In the evening i think we are going to dive, or to do wakeboarding..

Six days left for SAT and haven’t studied that much.

Six days and back to Manila… and then Boracay!

Juicy, osteophyte, yuan, coldplay, elephant (walter)!

I don’t make sense lol!