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In Blog, Stats on January 2, 2008 at 1:02 am

yumikimi.wordpress.com” was born in May 2007, this means it’s been existing for 7 months. Actually I’m really sorry about the last three months because I almost stopped writing and it was reflected on the Stats.

The number of visitors was:

In May  : 109  In June: 264 In July: 499 In August: 674 In September: 1284

And from Sept everything started to fall down:

In October: 1209 In November: 1031 In December: 593

The graph is the next :


I promise I will write about Hong Kong from now on, but time is just a problem.

Now, the most read post in 30 days was:  La Melodía de la Melancolía and actually this is an image! lol.

Cya soon!